Discover everything that Talenscio has to offer to help you assess, interview and onboard.

All-in-One Portal

Everything your candidates, delegates or assessors will need, can be found in the portal. This includes:

  • Brand personalisation
  • User-specific agendas (real time updates)
  • Local time zones for centres, agenda and users
  • Candidates’ CVs/pre-recorded videos
  • Activity briefs, tasks and case studies for assessment
  • Feedback packs (for individual candidates)
  • User accessibility tool (ADA and WCAG compliant)
  • Video calls for 1-2-1 and group activities
  • Video call recording options
  • Customizable scoring options
  • Multiple assessor scoring
  • Live chats for assessor/candidate discussion and tech support
  • Score overview reports (for all candidates)
  • Cyber security & and IP measures (such as content watermarking)

Branded for your business

The whole portal has editable elements that can be branded for your business. These include adding your logo, welcome pages that can contain your text, images and videos, using your colours for the agenda, uploading your activity briefs and uploading your competencies (including positive and negative indicators).

User Specific Agendas

Every single user will have their own unique agenda. This helps to keep your day on track and avoid any confusion – users will only see the activities they need to be involved in. To help your day run even more smoothly, any changes an admin makes to the agenda will be pushed through to the relevant user’s agenda too!

User Introduction Pages

Help bring a personal feel to the virtual world.

Candidates can ‘meet’ the assessors – including their name, photo, job title and a short bio/some fun facts.

Assessors can find everything candidate-related on the meet the candidate page – including their name, photo, CV and any prerecorded

Embedded Briefs

Upload briefs into the system in a range of different formats – from plain text to PDFs. You can also upload two different briefs – one for candidates, and another for assessors that contains all of the hints & tips for assessing that particular activity. Candidate briefs can be locked until you unlock them, meaning candidates will all receive the same amount of preparation time.

Group / 1-2-1 Activities

Activity selection comes with complete customisability supporting a wide range of tasks- all with embedded video functionality.

Candidates can be assessed individually during 1-2-1 interviews, multiple choice tests and case studies whilst also being able to partake in group activities and tasks. These all come with optional features such as automatic timers and whiteboards for collaboration.

Built-In Scoring System

Assessors can quickly and easily record all of their observations, including scores and evidence. The scoring system can be customized to match your company preferred approach.

Talenscio can also build in the positive and negative indicators you have for each competency to help assessors to make objective

Feedback Packs & Exportable Score Overview Reports

Save hours of admin time with Talenscio’s feedback packs and scoring reports!

The exportable score overview report shows all of the raw scores for every candidate, in every activity. This helps to drive ‘wash-up’ sessions (discussions at the end of the day where you make decisions) and can be a useful resource for tracking trends in the future.

The feedback packs are auto generated and branded as your company. Each candidate/delegate has a feedback pack generated once the scoring for them has been completed. This will include every numerical score, as well as the written evidence.

Cyber Safety

Keep everything safe in the online world with Talenscio. Here’s how:

Reduce risk of GDPR breach

Self upload CVs and photos, for assessor only view. Scores and evidence can only be exported by admins, reducing the risk of GDPR breaches.

Integrated Video Calls

This means that only people with access to the portal can join your video calls, reducing the risk of unwanted participants.

2-factor authentication

This ensures only the people who are meant to be in the portal can access it as users are required to authenticate their identity via email or text.

Protect intellectual property

Keep your activity briefs safe as users cannot download activity briefs from the portal. Content can even be watermarked for added protection

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