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Make virtual assessment centres as good as face-to-face

When it comes to virtual assessment centres, there are a whole host of benefits that you don’t get from a face-to-face centre – in fact, we’ve written an article on just that! There are, however, some things that need to be done slightly differently in a virtual world to make a virtual assessment centre just […]

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Sneak a peek at Talenscio – Real-time agendas

For anyone who has run an assessment centre, you know the agenda is critical to making sure your day goes to plan! By taking your assessment centres online, the agenda can be better than ever! Talenscio makes use of technology to give everyone a unique agenda that reflects real-time updates. Take a sneak peek at […]

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Why virtual recruitment is here to stay

Recruitment has seen a huge shift in the last 12 months due to Covid-19. Gone are the face-to-face interviews and assessment centres, replaced with a virtual alternative. Yet, when face-to-face is once again possible, will recruitment processes just return back to normal? According to 82% of hiring managers, they won’t! These managers have all said […]

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Sneak a peek at Talenscio – Branded & Personalised

When recruiting in a virtual world, you still want to build your employer brand & give candidates an insight into your business. Here’s a sneak peek into how you can brand and personalise your Talenscio portal!